Driveway Protection - Resin for block paving driveways

Your new block paved driveway or patio may seem bullet proof but it can still be stained by many different liquids. Car oil is its main enemy, and barbeques etc.

We like to encourage resining your paving as it protects the blocks for many years.

We use the best and most expensive resin available manufactured by Resiblock.

Benefits of Resin driveway protection

  • Gives your paving a wet-look surface.
  • Will not chip or peel.
  • Stop blocks becoming stained by engine/fuel oil.
  • Eliminate weed and grass growth in the sand joints.
  • Prevent blocks becoming soiled by drink/foodstuffs.
  • Reduce the nuisances associated with ants' nests.
  • Stop loss of sand by wind, rain or pressure washers.
  • Eliminate algae and lichen growth.
  • Resists blocks from fading.
  • Extremely weather resistant.
  • Hard wearing, durable and long lasting, with a proven track record.
  • Unaffected by water or ice
  • Enhance lost colour in old blocks.
  • Provide a water resistant bond.
  • Consolidates block joint infill.
  • Provide a cleanable surface (often without the need for detergents).
  • Highly resistant to a wide range of aggressive industrial chemicals.
  • Suitable for interior work.
  • Treats pavers and joints at the same time.
  • One component ready thinned and ready for use.
  • Greatly improves resistance to tyre marking.